Top Cities for Venture Capital Investment – San Diego Rising!

Top Cities for Venture Capital Investment – San Diego Rising!


San Diego Venture Capital is growing – and our commercial real estate market will be growing and gaining right along with it. Commercial real estate is tech heavy in today’s world and the west coast is the dominant factor in this new clean economy. From an investment viewpoint and San Diego resident view buying closer to home is the best way to go.

  1. San Francisco-Oakland: $6.896 billion (25.6% of the top 100 cities)
  2. San Jose-Sunnyvale: $3.985 billion (14.8%)
  3. Boston: $3.101 billion (11.5%)
  4. New York City: $2.269 billion (8.4%)
  5. Los Angeles: $1.677 billion (6.2%)
  6. San Diego: $1.134 billion (4.2%)
  7. Seattle: $886 million (3.3%)
  8. Austin: $626 million (2.3%)
  9. Chicago: $547 million (2.0%)
  10. Washington, D.C.: $484 million (1.8%)


This growth in San Diego also mirrors another change in commercial real estate: the rise of the urban startup. True that urban city developments are a great place to invest in commercial real estate – and San Diego has a fantastic startup-culture as well the backing of VC capital that competes on the world stage.

urban Rise

When we get close to home here in San Diego we find the our own top-10 list with a hefty amount of capital close to home, and closer to suburban communities than city centers. This has more to do with the location that the newer and tech comfy commercial real estate parks and hubs are being built. Here in San Diego those hubs tend to be closer to established colleges and primary travel routes. Only the 92101 zip is located in the core of our urban downtown.

Sd VC closeup

San Diego makes a near perfect fit for the rising urban startup culture and the rise of venture capitol. This pairing is only going to drive more business to our beautiful city, and in that makes this a great time to invest in commercial real estate today, close to home, and set for a long play that can guarantee ROI year over year.


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