The rise of Crowdfunding: Re-think Commercial Financing

The rise of Crowdfunding: Re-think Commercial Financing

There is a new wave of financing rising above the water-lines of the “Biggy-Bank” industrial complex – Crowfunding – offering an alternative way to finance everything from small-business ventures – to billion dollar commercial real estate investments.


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Fundrise is just 1 example of what’s going to hit the commercial markets in the near future. Think you cannot afford to raise the capital for a commercial business venture? Now would be a good time to re-think the entire concept of lenders and borrowers. Get a glimpse of the near-future of what “Crowd-Thinking” has in store for disrupting the static markets.

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According to the world bank report of 2013: The crowdfunding market will reach about $95 Billion in just 10 years. If the Venture capital world and big banks don’t evolve – we could witness the fall of both houses.  For example Kickstarter has helped 80,000 companies raise over $1.6 Billion – This in turn keeps them in control of their company. Viva the Crowd!


Crowdfunding will grow dramatically as the NEW way to finance non-tech businesses that have been traditionally financed by bank loans and friends and family. The opportunity here is enormous, and crowdfunding has barely scratched the surface of the commercial financing market – YET.

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Horizon Resources is here to help you think, and rethink your plans of raising capital and investing in commercial real estate. This is a great time for commercial property as an investment and we welcome your call for assistance!

Mostra 2012/2013 Photo: ©Carlo Borlenghi

Photo: ©Carlo Borlenghi

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