Growing – Going – Strong!

Growing – Going – Strong!

2016 HRI Team Trucks

2016 is nearly 1/2 way to 2017 already and our growth is still in progress!

There is nothing more important than maintaining your investments – and that includes the physical side of your real estate investment. We cover it all from maintaining the tress that hang over your roof, to the plumbing under your floors! Our investment in property management includes our fully equipped team of maintenance technicians, and the coverage we supply our clients from San Diego to Orange County.

Tenant improvements are an important service that cannot be under estimated. Trade fixtures exist for as long as your property and our specialty is building them to suit both the needs of owners and tenants alike. There is nothing under, or over your roof that we cannot maintain and support.

The next time you are considering improvements, upgrades, or simply a checklist of tenant requested repairs – call us for a free consultation and we would be happy to meet and quote you our services.

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